Amalgamated Security Services (Grenada) Limited

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Dr. Michael Aboud (Hon.) has been recognized locally and internationally for entrepreneurship, innovation, and contribution to the continued development of the private security industry.

The Chairman, puts it this way

We believe that affordable security whether electronic or manpower is a right, not a privilege, and providing security and safety, remaining affordable, with top-notch quality service, is what distinguishes us from the rest.

Dr. Michael Aboud (Hon.)

Dr. Aboud, founder of ASSL, has a demonstrated and incomparable history of working in the security and investigations industry. Among his established skills are: Intelligence Analysis, Emergency Management, Close Bodyguard Protection, Physical and Personal security. He is widely respected in the business community for his professional integrity and philantrophic contributions to the community. 


Dr Aboud’s benevolence and support for the company’s staff are always upper most in his mind. As a remarkable visionary and under his charge locally, regionally and internationally. The company has experienced tremendous growth from its origin in 1983. Today, with active pioneering spirit, he continues to lead the company in maintaining and developing its high standards of service and professional reputation.

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