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2017 Executive Chairman’s Christmas Message and Award Function Speech

Good evening colleges we are gathered her tonight to enjoy each other’s company and have some fun as we wine down from a very difficult year in the history of ASSL. I have selected this venue in the hope of stimulating a level of stress relief as we enjoy each other’s company and participate in the various events which I am sure will trigger your adrenaline and stimulate your endocrine system.

It is also a period for reflection which I will speak about shortly but more importantly to recognize outstanding achievements and work performances by our dedicated and loyal staffers who have demonstrated exceptional performances in keeping with one of our mottos” Service in Excellence “and our mantra of serving selflessly and with pride, Perfection and outstanding dedication.

I know the pride we all have in this family of ours the ASSL family and like any family unit the Papa Bear must protect its cubs and this we had to do in recent time in an effort to preserve the welfare of all of us and allow us to remain competitive in this very difficult and challenging market place. I must report that we have successfully made all the decisions that was necessary and we await the outcome.

Several factors remained as unknowns in this equation of successful outcome which are directly in your control and I have categorized them into four elements and not to be overly explanative, they are Productivity, true commitment with adequate follow up with a positive outcome, accountability and would be nice if I could put each of these very powerful words into examples.

So allow me this indulgence
1. Productivity
A measure of the efficiency of a person, converting inputs into useful outputs which is translated into cost efficiencies.
For example let’s look at what a single Manager, Supervisor or RS does with His/her time while at work and the usefulness or outcome for that day and then let’s look at How much work you do vs what you put off to another time or never did. So you dealt with an officer without bringing total resolution the matter remained unresolved to his satisfaction don’t you still not have to deal with it again so why not do a proper completed job from the start.
So let me give you some good advice when your productivity level is unmatched you secure your future this should be your personal objective as you established your work ethics

2. True commitment with adequate follow up and a positive outcome I call this Escalation of commitment.
So you gave an instruction and walked away, it was not fulfilled or filled without the positive outcome so what next, well you have to invest more than just instructions you will need to commit more time more of your personal resources so that means more of everything. Why? To get the positive outcome you desired
Also don’t be an I man and an I servant this serves no one or the team

3. Accountability
The obligation at accounting for ones activities, and to disclose the results in a transparent manner. So what does this mean for us and it can simply be put in the following form when giving information to do so accurately, unbiased and truthful, we don’t need the cover-ups and smokescreen which further distracts on our efforts and limited workers continued to show up late, take long breaks, and surf the internet during work hours because there was No accountability from management and this is noticeable in every sphere of our management team. Do you have any idea what this cost is would you keep your water running or light on if it was costing you by the minute
4. Responsibility
I want to add the word Collective to the word Responsibility which means that every member of our team without regard to an individual member’s participation in a particular decision making process inclusive of his or her position or rank has to take ownership for what we do and how we do it and ensure that the process or task is completed to the satisfaction of the whole regardless of direct or indirect involvement.
This goes to the experience an applicant has with every one he or she comes in contact with ,this goes to processing ones data accurately on the work sheet to the processing of pay, this goes to meeting deadlines which if not met affects others in their own tasks
So I ask you to fulfil your part in this equation so that a successful outcome is guaranteed otherwise we would have no alternatives but to seek out further change which I am sure will create insecurity in tenure or your ability to sustain a quality of life that you have grown to be accustomed to.

Now that I have covered the formal repertoire for this evening I wish and hope we will keep these watchful words in mind for 2018 and let them guide our actions as we seek to navigate and defeat whatever is thrown at us for the upcoming year.
As for our outstanding Employees for their service in excellence for 2017 please allow me this opportunity to say thank you for your contributions in the various fields that you have been recognized in and I look forward to your continued efforts and significant contributions in the future thank you.

In closing I ask the Almighty God to continue to bless us and protect us and on behalf of myself and my family I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year for 2018.

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