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Amalgamated Security Services Regional Recognition Awards Programme Ceremony for Public Law Enforcement 2016

2016-05-31 07:03:15

On a yearly ba3sis Amalgamated Security Services invites 25 members of the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police to nominate top performers within their respective police forces for the Amalgamated Security Services Regional Recognition Awards Programme for Public Law Enforcement.

The winners are selected by an independent panels of international judges based on the nominations submitted. The awards are intended to publicly recognize police officers who by their efforts have contributed significantly to crime reduction, to the enhancement of community relations (with law enforcement), to the improvement of general safety and security and who have made an overall difference in their police force, communities and by extension nationally and regionally. Amalgamated Security Services hopes to have established a sustainable and impactful programme that will positively contribute to the motivation and dedication of Caribbean police officers.

In 2016 the second annual Amalgamated Security Services Regional Recognition Award Programme for Public Law Enforcement ceremony was held in the lovely country of Suriname. The ceremony took place during the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police’s (ACCP) Annual General Meeting & Conference at the Royal Torarica Hotel in Paramaribo, Suriname, from the 16th to the 19th May 2016. On day two of the conference Amalgamated Security Services hosted its Awards Ceremony at a picturesque Surinamese location, nestled on the banks on the Suriname River which offers a breathtaking view of ships sailing up the river into the Port of Paramaribo from the Atlantic Ocean. In 2016, ten officers were recognized in three categories.

Top Caribbean Crime Fighter:

  1. Ag. Detective Chief Inspector Adrian Kartick, Royal British Virgin Islands Police Force
  2. Inspector Ray John Royal Antigua and Barbuda Police Force
  3. (a) Constable Clifford Charles, Royal Grenada Police Force

          (b) Senior Superintendent David Abraham, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service 

Top Caribbean Community Policing Officer:

  1. Corporal Ted King, Royal St. Lucia Police Force
  2. Sergeant Dianne Dumont, Royal Grenada Police Force
  3. Constable Odale Mulgrave, Royal Cayman Islands Police Service 

Top Caribbean Career Move:

  1. Inspector Leo Anglin, Royal Cayman Islands Police Service 
  2. Woman Inspector Vena Butler, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service 
  3. Assistant Superintendent Bryan Isaacs, Corps Politie 

Amalgamated Security Services invited all ten awardees to all expenses paid trips to Suriname where they received their trophies publicly in front of the attending police commissioners, local law enforcement officials and other invited guests. The three first place winners additionally were awarded a cash prize of US$5,000.00 by Amalgamated Security Services. At the ceremony, Amalgamated Security Services received raved reviews and positive feedback from the winners, runner ups, the ACCP organising committee as well as the Commissioners of Police from the various ACCP.

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