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Ambulance Staff

For Emergency Assistance, Call our direct, toll-free number 800-LIVE (8453)

Ambulance Staff

Our Staff

Archangel Ambulance Service has a complement of medical emergency personnel consisting of Emergency Medical Technicians at the Paramedic, Intermediate or Basic level and First Responders. Our Emergency Medical Technicians have all sat and passed the National Registry examinations.

Prospective employees are required to submit to rigorous background checks that ensure integrity and disposition to their chosen career as well as academic acumen. This guarantees choicest selection of staff for our valued customers. Staff training is an ongoing focus of Archangel. Our highly qualified Medical Director conducts regular Continuous Educational classes thus ensuring that our ambulance staff is kept abreast with the latest innovations and procedures in the field of medical emergency services as well as keeping their required skills and training up to the required standard.

Our Medical Director also reviews our procedures to ensure proper compliance with the highest standards of operational procedures.

While the provision of an ambulance service sometimes requires that vehicles are driven at a relatively high speed it is our over-riding concern that our vehicles are driven safely. In furtherance of this all our ambulance drivers are trained in defensive driving and undergo an Emergency Vehicle Operators Course.

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