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Training Services for Correctional Facilities

Amalgamated Security Services has a network of instructors certified by the United States National Safety Council.

Training Services for Correctional Facilities

Training Services for Correctional Facilities

As part of its overall operations Amalgamated Security has established a full-time training unit headed by a Director who holds a Ph.D. in Technical and Vocational Education. The unit designs and conducts training programs for internal use and for third party clients.

Training Services for Business Protection

As a result of the need to regularly train thousands of security officers, Amalgamated Security created a full time Training Unit. Headed by a Director who holds a doctorate in Industrial Education and is CPP (Certified Protection Professional) certified, that unit developed a range of training programs that allows ASSL to provide training services to the business and security community. These training programs include;

  • Basic Security Officer Training
  • Security Supervision Training
  • The use of non lethal weapons
  • Bomb search techniques
  • Canine training in Basic and Advance Obedience; Breed Identification; Tracking; Personal Protection; Police K-9 Scent Detection; Utility; Puppy Development; Assistance Dog; Retrieval
  • Rappelling
  • Specialty Impact Munitions, Distraction Devices and Chemical Munitions
  • Executive protection
  • International Ship & Port Security (ISPS)
  • Search methods and the use of x-ray and metal detection equipment
  • Firearm Training in all disciplines and approved by T&T police service and NRA of America

We Support Safety Training

In addition to our many training programs that have security at their core our training services also include programs that are of a more general safety nature.

Amalgamated Security Services Limited is part of the United States National Safety Council’s network of instructors for the courses listed below, ensuring that our course curriculum is based on internationally recognized standards.

Our complete list of programs can be made available on request and we can develop any new program that would be specifically needed by your organization as it relates to security and the protection of assets and people.

Because of our commitment to training we have a number of training facilities which can accommodate classes as large as 40 students at any one time with the latest audio and visual equipment.


Our research and development team are also able to develop any level of documentation that your organization would need relative to policies, job description, procedures, work instructions and template forms for your use in your security department.

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