Amalgamated Security Services (Grenada) Limited

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ATM Services

ATM Services

ATM Services Cash Services

Amalgamated Security provides secure and efficient ATM and Cash Machine services in Guyana. As one of the leading providers of armored car services and cash management services to financial institutions and retail establishments in Guyana, Amalgamated Security is thoroughly familiar with the environment of ATM services. We provide a range of ATM services that include:

ATM Services

At Amalgamated Security we provide our customers with both scheduled and emergency ATM Replenishment services. Our services are customized and tailored to suit each institutions specific ATM needs and our replenishment services include ATM machine balancing. As part of our ATM services, Amalgamated Security provides first line maintenance which includes:

Retrieving cards jammed....

01 Retrieving cards jammed or retained by ATM

Replenishment of paper supplies:....

02 Replenishment of paper supplies: deposit slips, envelopes, receipts

Replacing printer paper....

03 Replacing printer paper journal / diskette journals

Checking machine functions....

04 Checking machine functions such as Dispenser errors, Journal breakdowns, Printer errors and Machine resetting

General Cleaning

04 General Cleaning

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