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General Security Tips

General Safety Tips
  • Know where your child is at all times and whom they are associating with.
  • Warn children about the dangers of hitchhiking
  • Teach children NEVER get into a vehicle without a parent's ok
  • Children should never open doors to strangers
  • Be alert to anyone paying undue attention to a child
  • No unauthorized person should have access to keys
  • Lock external doors at all times
  • Remove personal identification from doors and gates
  • Windows should be connected to your alarm system
  • Treat the telephone as an insecure means of communication
  • Do not hand out your number indiscriminately
  • Verify references of domestic staff
  • Brief domestic staff frequently on security procedures
  • Check identity of service personnel
  • Do not allow people claiming to be members of law enforcement or any other official body into the house until their identity is checked with their headquarters.
  • Shrubbery and overhanging trees near the house should be removed
  • Dogs are a strong deterrent to any attack
  • Good relations with neighbours are essential
  • If you are being followed, drive to a police station, or fire station
  • When halted for red light or stop sign, keep the car in gear
  • Whilst driving keep all doors locked
  • Always keep gas supply above the half tank level
  • If thrown into a car trunk, kick out the back taillights and wave your arm out the hole.
  • Always keep your cell phone fully charged
  • Keep a close eye on your bag whilst shopping
  • Avoid leaving items exposed on car seats
  • Place all purchases in car trunk.
  • Avoid carrying too much cash
  • When leaving a party, go to your vehicle in a group
  • Have your keys in hand when you go to your vehicle
  • Don't walk alone at night
  • Always be alert to the people around you.
  • Always keep your eye on your credit card
  • Only use official taxis at airports.

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