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Our Expertise Investigation Services

Allegations of suspicious conduct will surface at some time in the history of a company or organization. Concerns regarding suspected fraudulent activity will very certainly arise as well. In addition, many job candidates today conceal negative aspects of their background or embellish some areas of their history. The majority of businesses lack the necessary resources and expertise to properly and effectively investigate and find the truth in these circumstances.


Aside from that, corporate management is not always in a position to follow up with and coordinate police investigations. Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) established its Investigations team in order to assist Caribbean businesses in dealing with these varied circumstances. Our investigators and associates have a wealth of investigation knowledge and expertise.

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Status of Investigation

How am I kept apprised of the status of my investigation?
Your Amalgamated Security Investigator will contact you regularly with updates regarding the progress on your case. You will also be provided with 24-hour contact information should you wish to contact your Investigative Team at any point. All contact is secure, confidential and only discussed with authorized management personnel in your organization.

What results can I expect and what form of evidence will I be provided?
Results depend on the type of investigation undertaken but typically will reveal information and activity relating to the inquiry. The types of evidence you can expect to be provided with include: all hard-evidence collected, video evidence, narrative reports, still photographs, video authentication, and an affidavit.

How do I proceed with the evidence?
We can provide you with best-practice options to consider. We have found that discussing alternatives helps to bring a new perspective to the table which may otherwise have been overlooked.

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