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Background Investigation Services

Our employment screening investigations are an effective and cost efficient means to eliminate bad hires and protect against legal and financial threats to business income. At ASSL our staff is trained to look for red flags in your job candidate’s background without bias, prejudice or emotion. We often discover discrepancies while performing background investigations. Our purpose is to gather the details that will allow you to make a hiring decision based on an accurate and complete picture of the candidate you are considering

In conducting our background investigations we perform:

  • Personal information verification
  • Employment history versification
  • Credential Accreditation verification
  • Educational history verification
  • Reference verification
  • Neighborhood Checks
  • Criminal Record Search
  • Driving Record
  • Drug Testing


We recognize that depending upon the level of staff to be hired, a greater degree of details is required in the background investigation. As such, we offer customers three levels of background investigation to choose from.

By using ASSL’s Background Investigation services in Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Grenada, Guyana, and St Lucia are able to:


  • Improve The Quality of their Applicant pool – A formal employment screening program discourages applicants with something to hide and encourages honesty in the application and interview process. Reduce cost of Training and turnover – Avoid hiring unreliable employees and discourage dishonest applicant’s form even applying.


  • Protect Assets and Reduce Internal Theft – Avoid hiring candidates with a history of dishonest acts including employee theft, padded expenses and/or unauthorized purchases. Protect the company and its Reputation – Prevent theft and workplace violence. Screen employees who interact with the public, such as repairmen and delivery truck drivers.

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