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Non-Emergency Medical Services

For Emergency Assistance, Call our direct, toll-free number 800-LIVE (8453)

Non-Emergency Medical Services

Non- Emergency Medical Services

Archangel Ambulance Service provides non-emergency medical transport services to patients throughout Trinidad. These pre-arranged non-emergency medical transports may involve patients who are at home and have scheduled medical visits and require an ambulance for their transportation. Such ambulance transports include transportation of patients as needed from home to physiotherapy, MRI scans, or cancer treatment.

Under our non-emergency transports customers can also avail themselves of the use of our ambulances for Inter Hospital Transfer Services involving transportation from one medical institution to another.

As part of our ambulance transport service we are linked to several air ambulance services and provide the local ground transportation of patients who have to be transported to/from the airport to be moved by air ambulance. In providing the ground transport link to the air ambulance service we ensure the continuation of the patient’s medical care between referring and receiving facilities.

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