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Special Duty Care

For Emergency Assistance, Call our direct, toll-free number 800-LIVE (8453)

Special Duty Care

Special Duty Care

We value you; our customers, to the extent that we stand ready to offer you a VIP service should you need to do blood works. At your request, we hasten to your home or office, take blood samples and carry same to the relevant lab for testing and results.

We also facilitate antigen and PCR testing at your doorstep, whether it be at your dwelling, medical facility, site of employment or a place within closest proximity to you as needed. Let us assure you that our diligence is not limited to the Covid scenario but we have the propensity to stand with you during any pandemic outbreak; since, just like rising to any challenge we view success as a constantly moving target and perform accordingly. Our present success in health care is not our resting place but the springboard for further success on your behalf.

We also provide caregiver services for the elderly and other clients in need of same and further assume the proactive stance of fashioning a rental service for medical equipment, including but not limited to wheelchairs and beds; as deemed necessary.

Having whetted you appetite for the myriad possibilities of service, allow us to satisfy your curiosity for further details by referring you to our Web page [], where you may peruse at your leisure, accessibility to our eclectic mix of medical supplies and services just for you.

Our Medical Director also reviews our procedures to ensure proper compliance with the highest standards of operational procedures.

While the provision of an ambulance service sometimes requires that vehicles are driven at a relatively high speed it is our overriding concern that our vehicles are driven safely. In furtherance of this all our ambulance drivers are trained in defensive driving and undergo an Emergency Vehicle Operators Course [EVOC].

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