Amalgamated Security Services (Grenada) Limited

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Healthcare Sector

We Provide Our Services to the Healthcare Industry

ASSL helps healthcare institutions provide uninterrupted, quality services in a safe and secure environment. We are committed to the healthcare industry, and have invested significant time and resources to provide security professionals who understand the specialized.

We Support the Healthcare Sector

Our officers perform a wide variety of duties, including facility patrols, monitoring of security operations centers, response to an investigation of incidents, and visitor assistance. We also help identify and appropriately protect sensitive areas of the facility, such as infant and pediatric units, pharmacies, communication centers, psychiatric areas, emergency departments, detox units, financial offices, parking facilities and power plants.

Our decades of experience enable us to handle security concerns such as:

We work collaboratively with your staff as a long-term partner, helping to provide security for your institution.

Specialized Staff Qualifications

All of our officers and supervisors assigned to healthcare institutions meet stringent hiring and training qualifications.

01 Recruiting

Our security officers typically have prior security and/or customer service experience, often in a healthcare setting, as well as demonstrated academic ability.

02 Training

Our comprehensive training programs specifically address healthcare security, and can be supplemented with training tailored to meet the needs of the institution. We also encourage participation in the institution’s staff training programs, if appropriate, including new employee’s orientation and anniversary initiatives.

03 Screening

All of our job candidates are thoroughly screened to determine that they meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and standards and guidelines, including tuberculosis screening and Hepatitis B requirements. Upon request, officers and supervisors complete physical examinations according to applicable policy.

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